The management of the company vests in the Board of Directors comprising of professionally qualified and experienced persons in the area of Finance, Marketing, Technical and Agronomy practices and Commercial fields. The Board is headed by Shri S.G.Bellad as the Chairman. The day to day affairs of the Company would be assisted by Mrs.  Meena Umachagi and other qualified and experienced executive. Brief particulars about the Director and other Directors are as under.:

Mr. Shivputra Bellad is the founder of Bellad Group is a Diploma holder in an electrical engineering possessing over 25 years of experience in setting up various manufacturing units. Mr. Bellad, has been an executive member of the industry, sub-committee of FICCI, New Delhi (1984-1987). He is an associate member of the Indian Science and Agricultural engineers, New Delhi and a member of The Federation of Karnataka Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He has visited various Countries as Delegate of Various Chambers of Commerce and Industry.

Our Management Team

  1. Yatin Mehta – Managing Director
  2. Deepak Mehta – Independent Director
  3. Ashvin Thumar – Independent Director
  4. Sejal Soni – Independent Woman Director
  5. Mitesh  Dani :- Chief Financial Officer & Non Executive Director